El Cajon shooting: two people injured, one dead

In an alarming sequence of events, the serene community of El Cajon was shattered by a tragic shooting that resulted in one fatality and left two others seriously wounded. The grim incident took place at the Smile Plus Dentistry and Orthodontics, situated at 480 North Magnolia Avenue, thrusting the neighborhood into a state of alarm and uncertainty.

The dreadful episode was brought to the El Cajon Police Department’s (ECPD) attention at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Thursday. According to Captain Rob Ransweiler, who provided a comprehensive briefing on the situation, law enforcement officers arrived to find a scene of chaos but swiftly acted to rescue the victims from the premises.

Despite immediate life-saving attempts, one individual tragically lost their life right there. Meanwhile, the two other victims, a male in his 40s and a female in her 20s, were rushed to a local hospital where they were later stabilized and listed in stable condition.

The incident has led to an intensified police operation in the vicinity, with SkyFOX capturing footage around 4:50 p.m. showing a notable assembly of law enforcement vehicles outside the affected dental office.

The search is ongoing for the identified suspect, 29-year-old Mohammed Abdulkareem, originally from El Cajon. Abdulkareem was reportedly seen heading north on North Mollison Avenue in a white U-Haul truck with the Arizona license plate AM14894.

The ECPD has issued a warning, declaring Abdulkareem to be “armed and dangerous,” and confirmed that a handgun was utilized during the assault. At the time of the incident, other individuals were present inside the dental office, adding to the complexity of the situation.

Following the shooting, a considerable section of North Magnolia Avenue, especially near West Madison Avenue, was cordoned off to facilitate the investigative process, with the duration of this closure still to be determined.

The identity of the individual who was fatally shot will be established and announced by the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office after thorough examination. In the meantime, ECPD is appealing to the public for any information regarding this sorrowful incident, urging witnesses or anyone with knowledge to reach out at 619-579-3311 or to dial 911 in emergencies.

The fallout from this tragic event has left the El Cajon community grappling with grief and disbelief, highlighting the unpredictable nature of violence and its deep-seated impact on society.

Authorities are diligently working to apprehend the suspect, striving to restore peace and provide resolution to the families directly impacted and the wider community affected by this senseless act of violence.

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