Earthquake Strikes Again in Western Afghanistan

Western Afghanistan has been rattled by yet another earthquake, further compounding the region’s recent woes as it grapples with the aftermath of two significant tremors that claimed the lives of over 1,000 people.

As stated by the US Geological Survey (USGS), an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred close to Herat at a depth of roughly 6.3 kilometers (four miles).

Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties resulting from this latest seismic event.

Just days ago, the region experienced two powerful earthquakes that had devastating consequences, with more than 90% of the victims being women and children, as reported by the United Nations’ children agency, Unicef.

The USGS noted that the epicenter of this most recent earthquake was situated 30 kilometers northwest of Herat, Afghanistan’s third-largest city and close to the Iranian border.

The previous Saturday’s earthquake had struck the rural district of Zindajan, located approximately 40 kilometers from Herat. 

The impact was severe, reducing entire houses to rubble, especially those too fragile to withstand the quake’s force.

Local villagers rallied to dig through the debris using shovels and bare hands in a desperate search for survivors and missing individuals.

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Afghanistan’s Ongoing Struggles Post-Taliban Takeover

Afghanistan has faced many challenges in recent years, including an economic crisis exacerbated by the Taliban’s takeover in 2021, which led to the cessation of aid provided directly to the government. 

Due to its location close to the meeting point of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates, the nation’s problems have been made worse by the numerous earthquakes it endures, notably in the Hindu Kush mountain area.

More than 1,000 people died and tens of thousands of people were left homeless when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the province of Paktika in June of last year. 

The recent earthquake serves as a harsh reminder of the region’s need for resilience and recovery efforts given its propensity for geological and humanitarian difficulties.

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Source: BBC News

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