Driver in Custody and Secret Service Investigating After White House Incident

Driver in custody after a vehicle crashed into a gate on the White House complex at 6 p.m. on Monday, reported a Secret Service spokesman.

The driver was apprehended, and the Secret Service initiated an investigation into the collision’s cause and circumstances, stated Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service’s chief of communications.

President Biden, who had been engaged in a campaign event in South Carolina earlier that Monday, subsequently traveled to Dallas in the evening. 

The incident caused traffic disruption near 15th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., with closures lifting around 7:30 p.m. after the vehicle was removed by the Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department.

Images captured from the site displayed what seemed to be a silver Cadillac Escalade bearing Virginia plates. No specific details about the driver have been disclosed, and it remains unclear whether charges will be pressed.

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Driver in Custody after White House Gate Incident

Driver in custody after a vehicle crashed into a gate on the White House complex at 6 p.m. on Monday, reported a Secret Service spokesman.

Driver remains in custody after a crash at the White House; the Secret Service stressed to USA TODAY that while it’s early to confirm intent, there’s no current threat to the complex or the nearby area.

This isn’t the inaugural occurrence of a vehicle collision involving security barriers at the White House. In May 2023, a Missouri man with intentions to “seize power” and assassinate the president, allegedly crashed a U-Haul truck into security barriers near the White House. Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, detailed his plan to Secret Service agents, expressing his desire to take control of the nation.

He admitted he’d flown from a St. Louis suburb to Washington on a one-way ticket following six months of meticulous planning. 

Court documents revealed his ambition to gain control, stating, “get to the White House, seize power and be put in charge of the nation.” Kandula also mentioned being willing to “kill the president, if that’s what I have to do.”

In December 2023, another vehicular incident occurred when a car collided with a parked SUV shielding President Biden’s motorcade during his departure from his campaign headquarters in Delaware. 

The driver faced charges of driving under the influence. Fortunately, neither the president nor the first lady sustained any injuries during this occurrence.

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