Discover the Hidden Truths: Top 10 Lesser-Known Facts About Gun Violence in the US

The rise in gun violence in the United States has been a source of concern. It is a highly worrisome and ubiquitous issue, and data show that the escalating gun violence often goes unchecked.

Here are the lesser-known facts that shed light on the country’s disturbing reality of gun violence:

Child Victims: In the United States, an average of 12 children are killed by gun violence every day, with an additional 32 injured. Guns are the biggest cause of mortality among American children and teens, with one out of every 10 gun-related deaths involving people under the age of 19.

Higher Than Drownings: The rate of firearm deaths in the United States is more than five times that of drownings.

School Gun Violence: Since the terrible Columbine High School massacre in 1999, more than 338,000 kids in the United States have been victims of school-related gun violence. There were 46 school shootings in 2022, the most since Columbine.

Exposure to Gunfire at a Younger Age: 34 kids and adults died in school shootings in 2022, and over 43,000 youngsters were exposed to gunfire at school.

Unsafe Storage: It is estimated that 4.6 million American children live in homes with at least one loaded and unlocked gun, which contributes to accidents, suicides, and family member deaths. Furthermore, almost half of parents who own a firearm say their children are unaware of where the gun is kept.

Lack of Reporting: In four out of five school shootings, at least one person knew about the attacker’s plan but did not disclose it. According to a detailed research conducted by the Secret Service and the Department of Education, 93 percent of school shooters planned their assaults in advance. According to the study, timely reporting of warning indicators can help avoid school shootings.

Warning Signs: In virtually all reported active shooter situations, the attackers posted threatening or troubling comments or photos, with more than 75% generating concerns from others prior to their actions. Recognizing these warning signals can help avoid disasters.

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Disparities in Gun Violence: Gun violence has a disproportionate impact on some populations. Children from low-income families, LGBT and lesbian kids, and Black youth are more likely to be victimized. 

Mental Health: Surprisingly, the majority of people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder do not engage in violence against others.

Such troubling statistics serve as a daily reminder of the need for urgent action to combat gun violence and to restore law and order in order to reduce the escalating number of casualties from gun-related violence. 

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