Cory Booker Reacts to Hamas Attacks: “’I’m Shaken”

In a harrowing firsthand account, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has shared his experience of being caught during the recent surge in violence in Israel caused by attacks by Hamas.

The senator and his staff were forced to seek shelter in Jerusalem, an experience that left them “shaken, angered, and heartbroken.”

Booker took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to express his emotions and recount the traumatic events. 

He wrote, “I was in Israel when the horrific attacks carried out by Hamas started on Saturday. My team and I are now safe, but like many, we are shaken, angered, and heartbroken by the hundreds killed, the thousands injured, those taken hostage, and all who are directly affected by these sickening terrorist attacks.”

In a video message shared on the same platform, Sen. Booker described his run through the streets of Jerusalem when the attacks began. He was quickly advised to return to his hotel, where he and others sought refuge in a bomb shelter within the hotel’s stairwell. 

The shelter had frightened faces, including children and older people, families, and many Americans.

The atmosphere was filled with fear and concern, as those sheltering were aware of the horrific events unfolding throughout the country.

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Sen. Cory Booker’s Early Departure from Israel Amid Escalating Violence

In a harrowing firsthand account, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has shared his experience of being caught during the recent surge in violence in Israel caused by attacks by Hamas.

Sen. Booker’s decision to cut his trip short and leave Israel was confirmed by his office. He had arrived in the country just the previous Friday and planned to stay through at least Tuesday, with a scheduled talk on regional economic integration. However, the escalating violence prompted him to return home.

Hamas’s attacks on Israel marked the largest offensive in decades, involving ground forces in multiple Israeli towns and a barrage of rocket fire. 

The death toll has tragically surpassed 1,100, with thousands more Israelis and Palestinians wounded in the wake of the violence.

In response to the situation, Sen. Booker made a powerful plea for the rejection of terror as a weapon. 

He emphasized the importance of peace, freedom, and human rights for Palestinians and Israelis, calling on all who share these values to stand united against those who resort to terrorism.

As the crisis in the region continues to evolve, Sen. Booker’s personal experience serves as a stark reminder of the human toll of such conflicts and the urgent need for peaceful solutions.

The satellite images captured on October 5 reveal a dramatic and unprecedented level of freight railcar traffic at the Tumangang Rail Facility on the North Korean-Russian border. 

In direct comparison to previous satellite images from the past five years, which showed no more than 20 railcars at the facility, these images depict approximately 73 railcars.

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