City Council to Consider Intent to Form Royal Crossing Tax Increment Development District for Former Country Club Property

The Las Cruces City Council will conduct a regularly scheduled meeting, by video conference, at 1 p.m. Monday. At the meeting, the council will consider the adoption of a resolution declaring an intent to form the Royal Crossing Tax Increment Development District (TIDD) for property at 2700 N. Main St., that was formerly the Las Cruces Country Club. 

Monday’s City Council meeting will be televised live at 1 p.m. Monday on CLC-TV, Comcast Cable channel 20. The meeting will also be available online at and at 

The City of Las Cruces Economic Development Department has been working with LC Nova, LLC, the project’s developer, as the property owner within the development district for the past year on the potential to create a TIDD to promote development of the property. This area was covered as part of the Apodaca Blueprint, which was completed by Community Development and adopted by City Council in July 2018. This area is also in a designated federal Opportunity Zone, which means Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham designated it as an area in need of development. 

TIDDs can be used to construct, operate and maintain public infrastructure in support of development. TIDDs establish a baseline property and gross receipts tax (GRT) base. As development occurs, increasing the property and GRT amounts in a TIDD, a portion of the increment is reinvested into the district to continue and support development. 

In December 2019, City Council passed Resolution No. 20-069 to establish guidelines for the use of TIDDs for financing the economic development of underutilized areas of the City. These TIDD guidelines and procedures allow for transparency of TIDDs as an economic incentive and will ensure that TIDDs are to benefit the public good. 

The New Mexico Legislature enacted the Tax Increment for Development Act in 2006 and amended it in 2019. The legislation stipulates that the governing body of a municipality may order the formation of a TIDD following a public hearing, based upon certain findings. LC Land, LLC, has submitted a petition and application to the City for the for the formation of the Royal Crossing Tax Increment Development District. 

If adopted by the council on Monday, the resolution would establish a date for a public hearing to receive public comment on the establishment of a TIDD for the property. 

The resolution was initially tabled by the council at its June 15 meeting. A special work session was conducted Monday, June 29, to provide additional information and public input to the council. The proposed resolution is on Monday’s agenda as an “Old Business” item. 

Also at Monday’s meeting, the council could consider an ordinance repealing and replacing Sections 27-12-7-9 and 27-12-7-92, and adding a new section, 27-12-7-9.11 of Chapter 27, Traffic of the Las Cruces Municipal Code related to Utility Terrain Vehicles, or Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) and their registration. 

City Council approved Ordinance No. 2915 on March 20, which related to allowing UTVs on City streets, in accordance with New Mexico statutes. 

The full agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting, with links to all items, can be accessed online here