Cautions and Orders for evacuation Southern California faces risk of flooding

Southern California is currently facing severe weather conditions that have led to the implementation of evacuation orders and warnings across several counties. This comes in response to a powerful atmospheric river storm that has brought heavy rainfall, flash flooding risks, and power outages to the region.

In Ventura County, the Sheriff’s Office has issued evacuation orders, warnings, and advisories in anticipation of severe rain. The region, particularly the Community of La Conchita, has already received nearly four inches of rain and is expected to receive an additional three to five inches over the next five days.

Authorities are concerned that the saturation of hillsides could lead to landslides or debris flows, heightening the risk for residents in the affected areas​​.

The situation is critical across Southern California, with nearly 11 million people in the greater Los Angeles area under flash flood warnings through Sunday night. The storm has affected not only Southern California but also the northern and central parts of the state, bringing torrential rain and wind gusts over 70 mph.

As a result, nearly 900,000 customers were without power across California as of late Sunday evening. The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has categorized this atmospheric river as a Category 5, the highest classification, indicating the severe threat it poses. In response, the state has mobilized a record number of emergency responders to address flooding, landslides, and other emergencies​​.

This atmospheric river is not expected to leave quickly, meaning that the heavy rainfall is set to continue, keeping the risk of flash flooding, mudslides, and power outages elevated for several days.

The FOX Forecast Center reports that “extreme” rainfall totals are possible across Southern California, with the Los Angeles metro area possibly receiving 5 inches or more of rain by the middle of the week. In the mountains and foothills, rainfall could reach 10-12 inches or more, further exacerbating the risk of severe flooding and landslides​​.

Residents in affected areas are urged to heed evacuation orders and warnings, stay informed about the latest weather updates, and prepare for the possibility of prolonged power outages and travel disruptions. The severity of the storm and its impacts across Southern California underscore the importance of taking precautionary measures to ensure safety during this extreme weather event.

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