Can drivers pass a red light that doesn’t turn green? Check Florida law about that

In Florida, the law does not allow drivers to pass through a solid red light even if it doesn’t change to green. This means that running a red light, under any circumstance other than those specifically allowed by law, is considered a violation of traffic laws.

The only legal exceptions for proceeding through a red light include situations such as being directed by law enforcement, during emergencies, or when making a right turn after a complete stop, provided there is no traffic or pedestrians present.

It’s important to note that these exceptions are narrow, and drivers must be able to justify their actions if questioned.

If you find yourself at a malfunctioning traffic light that fails to turn green, it’s not legally permissible to simply drive through the red light.

In such cases, the recommended course of action is to wait for a few moments to ensure the light is indeed malfunctioning, and then safely proceed if the intersection is clear, or alternatively, find an alternate route. However, this action should be taken with caution, as it might still be considered a violation.

In all cases, it’s crucial for drivers to abide by traffic signals and laws to ensure their own safety and the safety of others on the road. If you ever receive a red light camera ticket or are unsure about specific traffic laws, consulting with a legal expert or a traffic attorney is advisable.

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