California’s New ‘Daylighting’ Law: What Drivers Need to Know

A new law in California is prompting drivers to be more cautious about where they park their vehicles this year. 

The legislation, which recently took effect, establishes a no-parking buffer around both marked and unmarked pedestrian crosswalks, adding another layer of consideration for drivers.

Prior to this law, drivers were already restricted from parking in various locations such as intersections, crosswalks, near fire hydrants, or too close to fire station entrances. 

However, the recent addition now requires drivers to also maintain a 20-foot gap between their vehicles and any marked or unmarked crosswalks.

Assembly Bill 413, which introduced this measure, aims to enhance safety at intersections by ensuring clear visibility for all modes of transportation, a concept referred to as “daylighting.” 

Assemblymember Alex Lee, the bill’s author, emphasized that improving visibility can significantly contribute to the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

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Road Safety Laws

A new law in California is prompting drivers to be more cautious about where they park their vehicles this year.

The implementation of this law follows patterns seen in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda, and Portland, where similar regulations have been adopted. 

Assemblymember Lee highlighted that 43 other states have already enacted some form of daylighting, underscoring its effectiveness in promoting road safety.

The need for such measures is underscored by statistics revealing California’s high pedestrian fatality rate, which surpasses the national average. In 2021 alone, pedestrian fatalities in the state rose to 1,108, while severe injuries numbered at 125. 

Los Angeles, in particular, witnessed a concerning increase in pedestrian fatalities and severe injuries, with 134 pedestrians killed and 427 severely injured from January to October of the same year.

This law’s implementation is a reflection of continued attempts to solve issues with road safety and lessen the hazards that other road users and pedestrians must deal with. The goal is to decrease the frequency of accidents at junctions and promote safer streets as drivers become used to these new rules.

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