California Under Threat of Flooding and 4-Foot Snow Blanket

California is set to endure a formidable onslaught from two successive storms, each poised to unleash a disruptive mix of rain, snow, and wind. 

The initial storm is expected to make landfall on Wednesday, followed by a second one likely arriving by Sunday, both fueled by atmospheric rivers – plumes of tropical moisture notorious for delivering substantial precipitation, sometimes referred to as the “Pineapple Express” due to its Hawaiian origin.

The National Weather Service issues a warning of heavy rain that could lead to flooding, mudslides, and significant travel disruptions across the state. 

Elevated mountain regions might witness up to four feet of snow, with the storm causing substantial travel disruptions from Wednesday through Thursday. 

San Francisco and Sacramento are expected to experience downpours on Wednesday, while Los Angeles and San Diego will bear the brunt of the heaviest rain on Thursday.

High gusts and dangerous seas are expected to batter the state, in addition to the rain. The weather service warns of the possibility of flash floods in some locations, especially in cities, along highways, in tiny streams, and in places that have seen wildfires in the past. Parts of central and northern California are under a flood watch.

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California Braces for Dual Storm Impact

California is set to endure a formidable onslaught from two successive storms, each poised to unleash a disruptive mix of rain, snow, and wind.

The weather service outlines potential impacts in central and northern California:

Excessive runoff may lead to flooding in rivers, creeks, streams, and low-lying areas.

Creeks and streams may overflow.

Poorly drained and urban areas may experience flooding.

Storm drains and ditches could become clogged with debris.

Mountainous regions should have large amounts of snow at the same time when lower altitudes get rain. 

Predictions indicate that the Sierra Nevada above 6,000 feet will experience “major to extreme winter storm impacts,” resulting in up to four feet of snow. In these situations, it is highly suggested not to travel.

Following the storm, another is forecasted to impact California from Sunday to Monday, bringing low-elevation rain and mountain snow. 

Details remain uncertain, but potential threats include flooding, landslides, rockslides, mountain snow, and strong winds.

The Southwest, including Las Vegas gearing up for Super Bowl week festivities, is also expected to feel the impact. However, the dome-covered Allegiant Stadium ensures that the rain won’t affect the Super Bowl itself, taking place in another week.

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