CalFresh Assistance in October 2023: How Much Money Will Recipients Get This Week?

If you’re a CalFresh beneficiary in California, you’re likely curious about the amount of money you’ll receive in October 2023. 

CalFresh, known as SNAP nationally, plays a crucial role in supporting millions of individuals and families throughout the state.

In 2022, the SNAP program distributed nearly $114 billion in benefits nationwide, aiding an average of over 41 million people every month. 

As of May 2023, California had more than 5.2 million program participants, with funding coming from federal, state, and local sources.

Calculating CalFresh Benefits

CalFresh benefits can be used to purchase any food or food product meant for human consumption, except hot prepared foods or lunch counter items.

Non-food items like soap, toilet paper, or shampoo, as well as alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vitamins, medicines, and pet food, are not eligible for purchase.

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Calculating CalFresh Benefits: Factors Impacting Household Allotments

However, CalFresh benefits can be used to buy seeds and plants for home gardens to grow food.

The amount of CalFresh benefits a household receives is determined by several factors, including household size and monthly net income after allowable deductions.

Families with eligible minor children (or certain children under 19) who meet federal TANF work requirements can receive a supplemental benefit through the WINS program.

To calculate benefits, the county welfare department establishes the maximum allotment based on household size and then deducts 30% of the household’s net income. 

For example, starting October 1, 2023, the full monthly allotment for a one-person family is $291, while a two-person household can receive $536, and a three-person home gets $766. 

The percentage increases with household size, adding $219 for each additional member beyond eight.

Applying for CalFresh Benefits

If you’re considering applying for CalFresh benefits, multiple application methods are available. 

You can apply in person at a local office, complete an online application, or submit an application by mail. 

For expedited (emergency) benefits, using in person at the local office is recommended to speed up the process.

CalFresh is a vital resource that helps individuals and families access nutritious food, and understanding how benefits are calculated and distributed can make a significant difference in meeting your household’s needs. 

Whether you’re an existing beneficiary or considering applying, staying informed about the program’s details is essential for making the most of this vital support system.

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