Black History Month is a time when AMC cinemas are giving $5 tickets

AMC Theatres is celebrating Black History Month by offering a special promotion that allows moviegoers to enjoy a selection of films that honor Black filmmakers, writers, and actors for just $5. This initiative, known as the Black History Month $5 Fan Faves program, is part of AMC’s effort to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Black creatives to the film industry.

Throughout February, AMC will showcase four different movies, with a new film available each week at 175 of its theatres across the country​​​​.

The selection of films includes notable titles such as “The Equalizer,” “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” “The Color Purple,” and “SOUL,” offering a diverse range of genres and stories that highlight the talents and achievements of Black actors and filmmakers.

The schedule begins with “The Equalizer” in the first week of February, followed by “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” “The Color Purple,” and concluding with “SOUL” in the final week of the month​​.

This program is not only a chance for audiences to revisit beloved films on the big screen but also serves as an educational opportunity to learn more about the cultural and historical contributions of Black individuals in cinema.

AMC’s initiative was inspired by an internal group of employees on AMC’s council on the African American experience, underscoring the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within its operations and the broader entertainment industry​​.

For moviegoers interested in participating in this celebration of Black cinema, tickets and additional information about the $5 Fan Fave deal are available on AMC’s official website. This offer represents a unique opportunity to enjoy impactful films at an accessible price while honoring the rich history and ongoing contributions of Black artists to the film industry​

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