Billy Joel lowers the Florida home’s asking price by $10 million.

Billy Joel, the iconic “Piano Man,” has recently relisted his expansive Florida estate, located at 1110 S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan, with a significant $10 million reduction in asking price.

After initially putting the 13,349-square-foot estate on the market in 2018 for $31.9 million and not finding a buyer, Joel relisted the property in 2022 with a raised price of $64.9 million. Now, in an effort to attract potential buyers, he has adjusted the asking price to $54.9 million.

The Mediterranean-style compound, built in 2010, boasts a total of nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, offering luxurious amenities such as a massive crystal chandelier, a theater, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, an air-conditioned 12-car garage, and a guest house.

Situated on a desirable ocean-to-lake lot, the estate spans 1.6 acres and features 150 feet of frontage on the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, making it a prime piece of Florida real estate.

Joel purchased the property in 2015 for $22,109,100, according to property records. The estate is represented by Christian Angle of Christian Angle Real Estate, a testament to the property’s high-profile nature and the exclusivity of its location in Manalapan, near Palm Beach.

This area is known for its affluent residents and luxurious properties, attracting celebrities and high-net-worth individuals looking for privacy and exclusivity.

The price adjustment comes amid Joel’s recent activities and public appearances, including his performance in Los Angeles at the Grammy Awards on February 4, and his humorous remark about spending more time in Florida “like old Jewish guys from Long Island do.”

Joel’s decision to relist his Florida estate at a reduced price reflects the dynamics of the high-end real estate market, where even properties owned by celebrities are subject to the same pressures and challenges faced by others in the sector​​​​.

This strategic move could be an effort to align the property’s asking price more closely with current market conditions, aiming to attract buyers looking for a unique opportunity to own a luxury estate with both ocean and Intracoastal access in one of Florida’s most prestigious communities.

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