Apple Unveils Affordable 12-Inch and 13-Inch MacBooks Priced Below $700

Apple is reportedly actively developing new 12-inch and 13-inch MacBook models with a planned price point of approximately $700 or less, according to a rumor originating from Korea. 

This speculation, revealed by the operator of the “yeux1122” news aggregator account on the Naver blog, is based on consistent insights from supply chain sources indicating that Apple is working on cost-effective MacBook options in two sizes.

While Apple has yet to officially commit to mass-producing these low-cost MacBooks, there is a growing belief that these budget-friendly models are more likely to enter the market due to a significant decline in both iPad and MacBook sales.

This rumor aligns with statements made by prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who recently suggested that Apple is contemplating launching a low-cost MacBook series soon. 

The primary objective is to rejuvenate MacBook sales, with an ambitious target of manufacturing 8-10+ million units annually.

A DigiTimes report from the previous month also proposed that Apple may introduce a more affordable MacBook series in late 2024. 

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Apple’s Strategic Move to Boost MacBook Sales in Education Market

This strategic move aims to differentiate these laptops from Apple’s existing MacBook Air and Pro lines while positioning them to compete effectively with Google’s popular Chromebook models.

Over the past few years, Chromebooks have experienced rapid adoption by educational institutions, surpassing the sales of Apple’s iPads in the education sector. 

Apple is increasingly focusing on the education market as a potential avenue to revitalize MacBook sales. 

The company is reportedly considering offering cheaper and more compact laptops designed with students in mind to regain lost market share. 

Notably, higher-performance Chromebooks are available for around $700, which may explain the approximately $700 price point Apple is rumored to target.

While the “yeux1122” Naver blog account has a mixed track record in predicting Apple’s plans, some of its previous claims have proven accurate. 

For instance, in March 2022, it provided precise details about the third-generation iPhone SE before its official release. 

Furthermore, in October of the same year, the blog correctly predicted that Apple would delay the launch of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models until early 2023.

Apple’s potential venture into the affordable laptop market could significantly rejuvenate MacBook sales and could be a noteworthy development in the tech industry.

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