Anthony Pratt Described as ‘Red-Haired Weirdo’ by Donald Trump Amid Submarine Denial

Former US President Donald Trump has made headlines for his striking comments about Anthony Pratt, one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals. 

Trump labeled Pratt a “red-haired weirdo” in response to reports about their private conversations that have stirred extraordinary interest.

The saga began when reports emerged earlier this month, suggesting that Trump had shared highly classified information concerning US nuclear submarines with Anthony Pratt. 

Newly uncovered recordings and documents, reported by multiple media outlets, including Australia’s Nine newspapers, the “60 Minutes” program, and The New York Times, have unveiled the depth of Pratt’s connection with Trump and his interactions with prominent global and Australian figures.

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Pratt’s Remarkable Connections Revealed in Recordings

Former US President Donald Trump has made headlines for his striking comments about Anthony Pratt, one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals.

The revelations in these recordings and documents are nothing short of astonishing:

  1. Private Conversations: Pratt claimed that in a private conversation, Trump disclosed that he ordered an airstrike on Iranian-linked militants in Iraq in 2019, even before the news broke, and revealed that Iraq’s president had expressed displeasure about it. In response, Trump allegedly said, “I [Trump] said to him [Iraq’s leader], ‘OK, what are you going to do about it?'”
  2. Ukraine Phone Call: Pratt stated that Trump confided in him about a phone call he made to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in which he urged an investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Trump said, “You know that Ukraine phone call was nothing compared to what I usually do.”
  3. Trump’s Boldness: Pratt admired Trump’s ability to push boundaries during his presidency. He mentioned that Trump knew how to stay within legal limits, seemingly avoiding trouble yet coming remarkably close to the edge. Pratt commented, “He knows exactly what to say and what not to say so that he avoids jail…but gets so close to it…that it looks like to everyone that he’s breaking the law.”
  4. Rudy Giuliani: Pratt claimed to have paid about a million dollars to Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, for his birthday party, although Giuliani ultimately didn’t attend the event. Nevertheless, the two had regular phone conversations, and Pratt suggested that he hoped Giuliani would be useful in the future.
  5. Prince Charles: Documents cited by the Nine newspapers indicated that Pratt paid $182,000 to Prince Charles in 2021. Pratt humorously stated, “My superpower is that I am rich. So I am useful to him [Prince Charles], right?” Pratt emphasized that he was networking with influential individuals and saw potential in his association with the Prince, especially when he ascended to the throne.
  6. Political Payments: Pratt made consulting payments to former Australian prime ministers Tony Abbott and Paul Keating. Abbott received $8,000 a month after losing his seat in 2019, while Keating received $25,000 a month for his consulting services.

These recordings and documents do not contain any mention of discussions about US nuclear submarines. Instead, they highlight Trump’s penchant for making audacious and shocking statements.

In response to these revelations, Trump took to Truth Social, his preferred social media platform, to dismiss The New York Times story as false. 

He denied discussing US nuclear submarines with Pratt and emphasized his focus on job creation and a strong economy.

It’s worth noting that Trump and Pratt enjoyed a close relationship, with Trump praising Pratt as one of the most successful individuals in the world. In 2019, Trump even attended the opening of a Pratt Industries plant in Ohio, referring to Pratt as a “friend.”

Pratt’s admiration for Trump’s candid and fearless nature was evident in the recordings, where he referred to Trump as “shameless and fearless.” Pratt appreciated Trump’s ability to speak his mind without hesitation.

These newly unearthed revelations add a layer of intrigue to the dynamic between Trump and Pratt, shedding light on their private conversations and how they navigated business and politics. 

As the story unfolds, it leaves many questions about the extent of their association and its impact on international relations and political matters.

While Pratt’s actions and financial contributions have raised eyebrows, there is no implication of wrongdoing or any suggestion of his involvement in ongoing investigations related to Trump’s handling of classified information.

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Source: The Guardian

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