Anthony Man Pleads Guilty for Shooting Neighbor’s Dog

Luckily Bebebeto Survived 3 Gunshots

Dog shot by neighbor wounded but survived
Courtesy photo.

Gustavo Filerio, 30, of Anthony, New Mexico, has pleaded guilty to one count of extreme cruelty to animals for shooting his neighbor’s dog several times with a .22-caliber rifle, Doña Ana County District Attorney Mark D’Antonio announced late Monday.

On June 1, 2017, the dog — a two-year-old blue healer named Bebebeto — was tied up behind his house in Anthony, New Mexico.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., Filerio fired at least eighteen rounds into the yard where the dog was tied. The .22 caliber bullets hit the dog at least three times, including in the face, ear and leg.

The dog survived the attack, and has recovered from its injuries.

Gustavo Filerio, 30, of Anthony

The case was scheduled to go before a Las Cruces jury on Monday, but Filerio instead pleaded guilty to extreme cruelty to animals, a fourth-degree felony, and admitted that he used a firearm in the commission of the crime.

District Judge Douglas R. Driggers ordered Filerio into custody immediately to undergo a diagnostic evaluation prior to sentencing.

Filerio faces a mandatory year in prison for using a firearm during the commission of his crime in addition to eighteen months in prison for the animal cruelty charge.

At sentencing, prosecutors will ask that he serve the full 30 months in the New Mexico Department of Corrections.