An NYPD officer was fired after a bodycam video showed him hitting a woman who he said hit another officer “full speed”

In a troubling event that has caught the attention of the public and law enforcement agencies alike, a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer has been suspended without pay after being captured on bodycam footage kicking a woman in the head during an arrest.

The woman, identified as 24-year-old Sahara Dula, had allegedly rammed her vehicle into another officer prior to the incident.

The situation unfolded on the Upper East Side in January, when officers were responding to an unrelated robbery at a luxury clothing store and had partially closed a roadway for investigation.

According to reports, Dula, driving a Lexus, was instructed by officers to move into the correct lane. Ignoring the warning, Dula accelerated, hitting one officer head-on, which resulted in him suffering a broken leg and multiple bruises as he rolled onto the hood of her car and subsequently landed on the street.

The aftermath of the collision was captured on bodycam footage, which Dula later posted on Instagram. The video reveals officers subduing Dula on the pavement while attending to their injured colleague. During the altercation, one officer is seen delivering a kick to Dula’s head while she was lying face-down on the ground.

Dula, who hails from Brooklyn and is reported to be a mentor to children advising them against drug use, was under the influence of marijuana during the incident. She admitted to hitting the officer deliberately, telling investigators, “I told the cop I wanted to go straight, and he wouldn’t move, so I hit him. I did it on purpose.”

Following her arrest, Dula faced several charges including first-degree attempted assault, attempted aggravated assault upon a police officer, and operating a vehicle while ability impaired by drugs, among others. She was held on $25,000 bail, which she later posted.

The NYPD confirmed that the incident is under internal review, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the serious consequences of actions taken by both the officer and Dula.

Patricia Wright, Dula’s attorney, condemned the officer’s actions post-arrest and called for a thorough investigation to ensure accountability and the protection of individuals in custody.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has indicated that the case is ongoing, with Dula expected to return to court in April.

Meanwhile, the Police Benevolent Association President, Patrick Hendry, has expressed concern over the charges against Dula, arguing for more severe penalties and emphasizing the need for justice when officers are attacked.

This incident raises important questions about police conduct, the appropriate use of force, and the mechanisms in place for holding officers accountable for their actions. It also highlights the dangers law enforcement officers face and the critical balance required in ensuring public safety while respecting individual rights.

As the community and law enforcement agencies reflect on this event, the need for transparent investigations and fair legal processes has never been more apparent.

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