America’s Top 10 States with the Highest Female Population in 2024

In 2024, the demographic landscape of the United States continues to show interesting trends in gender distribution across the states. Understanding the states with the highest female populations not only provides insights into demographic patterns but also has implications for areas such as policy-making, healthcare, and educational needs.

States with the Highest Female Population

  1. District of Columbia
    • Leading the list is the District of Columbia, where females comprise a significant majority of the population. The female population here stands out at 52.6%, making it the highest in the country​​​​.
  2. Delaware
    • Delaware follows closely, with women making up 51.6% of its population. This state shows a slightly higher female-to-male ratio compared to the national average​​​​.
  3. Alabama
    • In Alabama, females account for 51.6% of the population, indicating a notable female majority. This state shares the same percentage as Delaware, reinforcing the trend of higher female populations in certain regions​​​​.
  4. Rhode Island
    • Rhode Island has a female population percentage of 51.4%. This state, known for its coastal towns, reflects a consistent trend of higher female demographics in the northeastern United States​​​​.
  5. Maryland
    • Maryland’s female population stands at 51.5%. It is one of the states where women slightly outnumber men, contributing to its place in the top five states with the highest female populations​​​​.
  6. Massachusetts
    • In Massachusetts, 51.5% of the population is female. This state, rich in history and education, shows a balance in gender distribution with a slight female majority​​​​.
  7. New York
    • New York, known for its diverse and populous cities, has a female population of 51.4%. The state’s vibrant urban centers may contribute to this demographic trend​​​​.
  8. Mississippi
    • Mississippi, with a female population percentage of 51.5%, is another state where women outnumber men. This trend is common in several southern states​​​​.
  9. South Carolina
    • South Carolina, where 51.5% of the population is female, demonstrates a similar pattern to other states in the southeastern region of the U.S.​​​​.
  10. North Carolina
    • Rounding out the top ten is North Carolina, with women constituting 51.4% of its population. This state’s demographic pattern aligns with the broader trend observed in the southern states​​​​.


The distribution of female populations across the United States varies, with certain states showing a higher percentage of women. These trends have significant implications for various societal aspects, including workforce composition, healthcare needs, and educational services. Understanding these demographic patterns is crucial for policymakers and businesses alike, as they provide a snapshot of the changing American demographic landscape in 2024.

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