Alina Kabaeva, Alleged Lover of Vladimir Putin, Accused of Spreading Death Rumors

Alina Kabaeva, rumored to be Vladimir Putin’s lover, is now at the center of controversial rumors regarding the Russian leader’s alleged death. 

These rumors have been fueled by an unnamed Kremlin source, with additional speculation suggesting Kabaeva’s involvement in the leak.

According to reports by, an unidentified source from the Kremlin, they informed General SVR that President Putin, aged 71, might have passed away on October 25. Some insiders allege that Kabaeva, 40, might be the source behind these leaks.

Anthony Glees, a professor at Brunel University, expressed his views on the matter, stating that it is highly plausible that Kabaeva, known for her past as an Olympic gymnast, is the Kremlin insider spreading these rumors. He pondered the nature of Kabaeva’s attraction to Putin, questioning whether her interest was driven by his power and wealth.

Adding to the intrigue, Glees mentioned that Kabaeva, once described as “full of sex,” has seemingly vanished from the public eye, last seen at Putin’s Summer Palace in Valdai. This disappearance, he suggests, could be indicative of numerous undisclosed factors.

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Putin’s Alleged Discontent and Kabaeva’s Uncertain Fate

Alina Kabaeva, rumored to be Vladimir Putin’s lover, is now at the center of controversial rumors regarding the Russian leader’s alleged death.

Further speculation by Glees proposes that Putin might have grown tired of Kabaeva, which could have led her to disseminate potentially false information. He warned that if Putin is indeed alive, Kabaeva might face severe consequences for her actions.

Drawing a controversial comparison, Glees likened Putin to Adolf Hitler, hinting that Kabaeva might face execution if Putin has indeed passed away, as per reports by General SVR.

Adding to these claims, Kremlin insiders have reportedly stated that Kabaeva is under a form of “house arrest” following the dictator’s rumored demise. Her movements are said to be heavily monitored, with rare allowances for leaving her residence in Valdai.

Filled with unconfirmed reports and conjecture, paints a complex picture of the inner workings of the Kremlin and the personal lives of those closest to Putin. As the world watches, the truth behind these allegations remains uncertain.

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