A surveillance video captures a man at the Miami Beach CVS attempting to kidnap a child

The attempted kidnapping incident at a CVS pharmacy in Miami Beach is a stark reminder of the unexpected dangers that can arise in everyday settings. On a seemingly ordinary Thursday afternoon, the tranquility of a routine visit to the CVS at 7400 Collins Avenue was shattered by a shocking act. Nicolas Metternich Sternaman, a 26-year-old man, entered the pharmacy with a nefarious intent that soon became apparent.

Surveillance footage from the store played a crucial role in documenting the events that unfolded. It showed Sternaman targeting a 4-year-old boy who was near the exit with his father, ready to leave the store. In a brazen move, Sternaman grabbed the child from behind by the neck, lifting him off the ground in an attempt to kidnap him.

This act of aggression towards a vulnerable child in a public space is a chilling reminder of the audacity of some criminals.

The response of the boy’s father was immediate and determined. Faced with the unimaginable fear of losing his child to a kidnapper, he confronted Sternaman, engaging in a physical struggle to protect his son. The father’s quick action to grab Sternaman allowed him to retrieve his child from the perpetrator’s grasp.

The altercation between the father and Sternaman ended with the latter breaking free and attempting to escape the scene. However, the determination to prevent Sternaman’s escape extended beyond the immediate family, as a witness joined the boy’s father in chasing the would-be kidnapper.

The Miami Beach Police quickly responded to the situation, capturing Sternaman as he fled. Notably, during his attempt to evade capture, Sternaman removed his sweater, perhaps in an effort to change his appearance and elude those pursuing him. Despite his efforts, he was apprehended and taken into custody without further incident.

Following his arrest, Sternaman faced serious charges, including kidnapping and battery. The legal system moved to hold him accountable for his actions, setting his bond at $1,000. The arrest report provided further distressing details, noting that the child sustained redness on his face and back as a result of the encounter. Moreover, the psychological impact on the young boy was profound, as he was visibly shaken and clung to his mother, driven by fear.

The community’s reaction to this incident was one of disbelief and concern. Witnesses and local residents were alarmed by the brazenness of the kidnapping attempt, especially in broad daylight. The fact that such a crime could occur in a familiar, frequently visited location like a CVS pharmacy adds to the unease and prompts discussions about safety in public spaces.

CVS, the location of this harrowing incident, issued a statement indicating their cooperation with the authorities as they investigated the matter further. This event underscores the importance of vigilance and the need for communities to come together in support of safety and security measures that protect the most vulnerable among us, especially children

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