A hoarder in New York City locked 11 dogs and 2 cats in a dirty apartment full of drugs and DJ gear-Police were called

In a distressing incident unfolding in Queens, New York, a man has been apprehended following a grim discovery in his residence. Cory Elder, 43, faces multiple charges after law enforcement officials uncovered a scene of severe animal neglect and illegal activities within his cluttered apartment.

Early Monday morning, NYPD officers conducted a raid on Elder’s home, situated on Beach 44th Street in the Rockaways area. What they found was a shocking scene of despair: eleven dogs and two cats were found in varying states of starvation and distress.

These animals were kept in deplorable conditions, crammed into a filthy living space overrun with refuse and excrement.

Among the animals rescued was a German Shepherd, visibly emaciated and exhibiting clear signs of neglect and malnourishment. Heart-wrenching photographs disseminated by the NYPD reveal the extent of the neglect, with one dog pictured in a small cage, uncomfortably close to a puddle of urine and surrounded by litter.

Another image shows a second dog, also caged, amidst clumps of fur, underscoring the unsanitary and harmful living conditions.

The squalor extended beyond the mistreatment of animals. During the operation, authorities uncovered an alarming array of illegal substances and goods. The apartment was found to be filled not only with DJ equipment but also with dangerous drugs, including heroin and fentanyl. Additionally, stolen tools were retrieved from the premises, indicating a breadth of criminal activity.

Following the raid, Elder was taken into custody and faced several charges. These include criminal possession of a controlled substance, torturing and failing to provide for an animal, possessing stolen property, neglecting an impounded animal, and operating a motor vehicle without a license. As of Tuesday, Elder’s arraignment was still pending.

In the aftermath of the rescue, all animals were immediately transferred to the care of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). An ASPCA spokesperson reported that many of the animals were found to be underweight, dehydrated, and suffering from dirty hair coats, indicative of long-term neglect.

The organization is now providing these animals with essential medical care, behavioral therapy, and rehabilitation in an effort to restore their health and well-being.

This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the cruelty and neglect some animals endure. It highlights the critical role of law enforcement and animal welfare organizations in rescuing vulnerable creatures from conditions of abuse and neglect.

As this case progresses, it underscores the importance of community vigilance and the need for stringent animal protection laws to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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