4 people are arrested inside a vandalized building in downtown Los Angeles

In a recent incident in downtown Los Angeles, four individuals were arrested for their involvement in the vandalism of a vacant luxury high-rise building.

The suspects, identified as Sebastian Zoro-Gutierrez, 29; Andrew Rios, 30; Mauro Aguilar, 35; and Jessie Carreon, 44, were apprehended inside the building after a trespass order was obtained by authorities from the building’s management​​.

The building in question is part of the Oceanwide Plaza on S. Figueroa Street, directly across from notable landmarks such as the Crypto.com Arena and Peacock Place (formerly known as LA Live). This incident gained significant attention after a video showcasing the vandalism, which affected 27 floors of the high-rise, went viral.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is actively working with the property’s management to enhance security measures and ensure the removal of the graffiti​​.

The high-rise, a component of a billion-dollar development project initiated in 2015, was designed to be a transformative presence in downtown Los Angeles. Aimed at converting the area from a mere destination into a residential hub, the project includes two 40-story towers. However, progress was halted in 2019 due to financial difficulties faced by the developer, leading to the property being put up for sale​​.

In response to the vandalism, City Councilman Kevin de León has proposed a motion to clean the graffiti from the building and is seeking legal action against the developer. The investigation into the incident remains ongoing, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward​​.

This event underscores the challenges facing urban development projects and highlights the need for effective security and community engagement strategies to protect and maintain such significant investments in city infrastructure.

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